svn executable error while creating a patch in webkit

The error given below is a very common while creating a patch in webkit.

Added: svn:executable
## -0,0 +1 ##

Root cause of the error:
The error is seen as a part of the patch created. This error is usually seen when a new file such as test case needs to be added to the patch.
When there are inconsistent line endings in a file, and svn add is done with those line endings,the above error is seen at the end of those
files in the patch. To confirm which files are giving the error, run the following command for each of the files which are used to create the

svn diff filename

Run the following command to those files which have the error.
svn delete –force filename

The file is still existing but not a part of the svn repo. Delete the file permanently from directory using command:
rm filename

Using touch command, create an empty file
touch filename

Open the file and manually type its contents or copy the text line by line to the file. To make sure the file does not have run
Dos2unix.exe filename

To add the file back to the repo run
svn add filename


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